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Luxembourg’s main energy supplier is Enovos, which also operates in Germany, France, Belgium and in the Netherlands.

The mission of Enovos consists of two main pillars: on the one hand, Enovos provides electricity, natural gas and renewable energies to a wide range of customers including industrial clients, SMEs and private households. On the other hand, Enovos is active in the development of renewable energy projects. Thus, Enovos continuously invests in renewable energy production, especially in the domains of photovoltaic energy and wind power. By doing so, Enovos ensures a sustainable and competitive energy supply for all its customers.

Areas of activity
Who are we?

of activity

Enovos operates directly, by means of subsidiaries or by means of shareholdings, throughout the entire value chain, from energy production up to delivery to end customers.

Group Structure
Areas of activity


Encevo S.A. is the holding company that leads Encevo Group. The group is based on three pillars, essentially represented by three distinct entities and their respective subsidiaries: energy supply and the production of renewable energies through Enovos, grid operation through Creos and energy related services (distributed production, energy efficiency, eco mobility …) through Teseos.

Our vision
Group structure

We envision Encevo as leading and sustainable energy player in the Greater Region. In the rapidly changing energy landscape, we will ensure a secure access and competitive supply of energy, and actively shape the transition to a sustainable energy sector by embracing technology, deploying innovative solutions and partnering with local communities. Encevo people are empowered and strive for excellence. We mobilize all our forces to bring the energy of tomorrow to our customers.

Our vision

Encevo GroupShareholding


Encevo’s stable shareholding structure, healthy finances and solid strategic position in the European market make the Encevo Group a reliable partner.

28% Luxembourg
24.92% China Southern
Power Grid
12% Banque et
Caisse d’Epargne
de l’Etat
14.20% Société Nationale
de Crédit et
15.61% City of
4.71% Post
0.56% Ardian*

*AXA Redilion ManagementCo S.C.A. (ARDIAN) 0,52%
**ARDIAN Redilion ManagementCo S.C.A. (ARDIAN) 0,04%

Key figures

Encevo GroupKey Figures

Points of Delivery
21.1 TWh
Sales Natural Gas
13.2 TWh
Sales Power
4,075 km
Gas grid
11,400 km
Power lines

238.6 mio
Net profit
79.7 mio
Operating Cash Flow
273.9 mio
268 mio
Net financial debt
488.9 mio
Total assets
3.266.8 mio

Renewable energy production

Total production
  • 705 GWh
  • 176,179
  • 407,326
    tons of CO2 saved
By energy source
Wind Power
292.3 GWh
73,082 households
168,965 tons of CO2 saved
130.7 GWh
32,805 households
75,844 tons of CO2 saved
Biogas Greengas
20.9 GWh
5,228 households
12,088 tons of CO2 saved
170.1 GWh
42,536 households
98,343 tons of CO2 saved
Small Hydro
90.1 GWh
22,529 households
52,086 tons of CO2 saved


Corporate Social Responsability
Key figures

Corporate Social Responsability

Enovos Luxembourg fully supports implementation of "corporate responsibility" in business affairs by the Fondation Enovos, and many other social activities.

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